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You won't believe our huge selection

No matter what type of professional AV equipment you need, we will help you find it at Advanced Data Projection.  From distribution amplifiers to switchers and scalers, from wireless mics to audio amplifiers and speakers, from cables to wiring and much more!

  • Pro video and audio cables

  • Speaker cables

  • Fiber optics

  • AV connectors and adapters

  • FireWire interfaces

  • CAT5 AV interfaces

  • Cable testers

  • Cable reels

  • Custom AV wall plates

  • Panels and raceways

  • Audio and video patch bays

  • Distribution amplifiers

  • Switchers

  • Scalers

  • Transcoders

  • Audio duplicators

  • Teleprompters

  • Wireless video and audio systems

  • Structured wiring

  • Scan converters

  • XGA interfaces and processors

  • Test equipment

  • LCD monitors

  • Video monitors

  • Video editing

  • Telephone audio

  • Audio interfaces

  • Stick-ons

  • Power amplifiers

  • Audio mixers

  • Speakers and monitors

  • Powered PA speakers

  • Wall and ceiling speakers

A huge array of AV equipment

You'll only find a partial list here. Do you need XGA interfaces and processors? Got it! How about test equipment? Just call!


From projector sales to projector rentals, from LCD monitors to video monitors, you'll find it all at Advanced Data Projection.

Your selection doesn't stop there!

  • Cassette decks and recorders

  • Audio recording devices

  • Microphones

  • Wireless microphone systems

  • Headphones

  • Mic mounts

  • Speaker mounts

  • Intercom systems

  • Portable sound systems

  • Lecterns and podiums

  • Lighting

  • Equipment racks

  • AV carts and furniture

  • Crossovers

  • Equalizers and filters

  • Receivers

  • Audio preamps and processors

  • Home theater surrounds systems

  • DJ and club equipment

  • CD and MP3 players

  • CD and DVD duplicators

  • Computer hardware

  • Digital still cameras

  • Video camcorders

  • Document cameras

  • Camera lens

  • Camera power supplies and batteries

  • Camera supports and tripods

  • Production cases and carrying bags

  • Closed circuit and security cameras

  • Video tape players and recorders

  • DVD players and recorders

  • Plasma and LCD displays

Not sure what equipment you need? Call for your FREE consultation and get advice from our AV professionals.